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Turn your knowledge into a
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By partnering with ClickStartBiz, you can share your expertise, build an audience and establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry.

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Inside the World of

Chances are you’ve heard the word entrepreneurship about a million times -- so what’s this ‘infopreneur’ title all about? Infopreneurship is when you build a business out of your knowledge, process, or achievements.

Basically, you take your experience, package it into educational materials, sell it, and turn a nice, even, *hefty* profit by connecting with people who need your expertise.

How can we help you?

1:1 Consulting

Are you toying with an idea and getting in your own way of starting? Sit down with us on 1:1 consulting calls, and let’s make this happen for you. By combining expert strategy, launch planning, and creative ideation -- you’ll get the clarity you need to dive in.

A la Carte Services

Is something slowing you down? Outsource the creation of your lead magnet, course, or digital product to me, so you can focus on serving your audience with your expert knowledge.

Launch Packages

You know you have a skill or process to share with the world. Whether it’s baking bread or coding with ease, you’re ready to launch your online education business. Partner with us, and let’s bring this idea to life. We’ll take care of the entire business side for you.

Client Spotlight

Dominate the Diamond

I began working with Coach Duke Baxter and Coach Steve Nikorak in 2017. 

They had a vision to help parents that were “taking on the title of coach”.  Fast forward to 2021, they now offer over 10 courses, a membership, group coaching, one-to-one coaching, and weekend intensives for teams and leagues.  Together, Duke, Steve and I have created a business that shares their decades of experience and know-how with thousands of parents and coaches around the country (and even the world). By helping them share their positive, fun, and passionate coaching style, we have impacted individual players, teams, and leagues and helped them to learn skills, teamwork and grit.  And, I am proud to say,  the business has grown from the first $49 sale to tens of thousands monthly, on the way to a million-dollar business.

Visit the Dominate The Diamond Website

Meet the Founder

Hi, I’m Ro, the CEO and Digital Revenue Strategist behind ClickStartBiz! After developing 2 patented baby products, starting a boutique digital marketing agency, and helping two prominent baseball players grow their infopreneurial business to 7 figures, I developed a formula for helping knowledgeable individuals sell their expertise and grow an online business.

Now it’s your turn. If you’ve been thinking about turning your expertise into your empire -- let’s team up.

Don’t take Your Expertise for granted

You’ve made mistakes, achieved, experimented, learned, and grown in multiple arenas. There are people out there right now who would love to hear your story, peek into your process, and see how you got to your end result. Even though you’re close to your skills, thinking ‘everyone knows this’…they don’t. You can educate on a specific topic and grow your infopreneurship business starting today.

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