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Our Mission
ClickStartBiz makes transforming your knowledge into a business simple. Let's turn your dream into a revenue stream.
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Why Partner With Us

You’re already halfway there. 

That’s because you have skills, processes, and experiences that can greatly help others. Pretty much, you have the info part down pat.

Not only that, but people who are in your ‘Day 1’ shoes right now — they want to buy your knowledge.

I started ClickStartBiz to help knowledgeable individuals like you package your expertise into an online educational platform and scale your infopreneur business.

Because you have skills that people want to learn.

Now let’s get them out there.


We’re going to create your online education business together! That’s why everything is a collaborative process, and all ideas are welcome.


Fake compliments and blowing hot air are not things we stand for. We’ll give you real, evidence-based business advice and tell you exactly where your business stands.


You’re a rockstar, and we want you to feel it when you work in your business. We’ll point out your business superpowers and help you lean into them each day.

Rose Marie Iskowitz, Founder of Click StartBiz

About The Founder

Hi, I’m Ro, the CEO and Digital Revenue Strategist behind ClickStartBiz! My passions have always been centered around creativity. I liked trying new things and wearing all of the hats. I’ve always pushed myself to achieve, whether it was my former corporate life where I  was promoted to Assistant VP by the time I was 30. Or as an entrepreneur when I launched 2 patented baby products that were sold at Babies R Us and founded a boutique digital marketing agency. 

Through my work at the digital marketing agency, I began working with 2 former professional baseball players that wanted to bring their dream of helping other coaches to life. Together, we launched their digital baseball coaching course and together we grew that to a 7-figure business. 

Then in 2020, I underwent a double mastectomy after being diagnosed with breast cancer at the height of the pandemic. I focused on positive thinking, working out, and meditating — but I never realized how much these habits would speed up my recovery to the point where even my oncologist said my recovery was off the charts. It was during this time that I did some major thinking on my next steps.  I realized that I loved helping people fulfill their dreams of launching their businesses and creating revenue streams (see Dominate the Diamond case study) with their unique talents and expertise. I decided to channel this positivity and resilience into talented people who needed that little extra push to turn their skills into a booming online educational business. 

And then it clicked, and ClickStartBiz was born. Now, I wake up every day excited to see the businesses-to-be that are just months away from blooming. Is it time to turn your knowledge into a business? Book a free call below, and let’s strategize your business’s launch.

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