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You bring the knowledge. We do the rest.

With our bespoke launch package, you can sit back while we turn your expertise into a booming online education business.

You have valuable experiences

Whether you DIY car troubles like a pro, bake gorgeous cupcakes regularly, or have a published fiction book – you have skills and a process that someone will pay money to learn. You’re on your way to becoming an infopreneur because you have the info…now, you just need to package it and launch it.

But the thought of building your digital product, growing your email list, marketing your knowledge, and making sales feels really overwhelming right now. And you are:

  • Questioning if your knowledge can even lead to a profitable business
  • Wondering how to start an infopreneurship business
  • Feeling helpless around all this ‘stuff’ you have to do to build your business
  • Procrastinating on this great idea because you keep on doubting your abilities to make it happen

At ClickStartBiz, we know building a business can feel intimidating. But we’ve done it time and time again for people just like you.

So we know that all these things you are feeling are completely normal. And we’re here to hold your hand through the process.

Rose Marie Iskowitz, Founder of ClickStartBiz

Our Click, Start, Launch Process


We’ll dive into your unique skills and processes, then strategize how to turn them into a profitable online revenue stream. Expect lots of in-depth questions, ideation sessions, and strategic roadmapping.


It’s time to turn your info into your products. By creating digital products such as courses, templates, or programs – you can start to market your expertise and build your audience of students. And don’t worry, we’ll create everything for you.


Now that your digital products are up and ready to go, it’s all about attracting the right students into your world. We’ll research your ideal client, develop captivating marketing campaigns and grow your online education business for you.


The Click, Start, Launch Package

The Click, Start, Launch package gives you everything you need to transform your expertise into a turnkey revenue stream. Through both consultations and done for you services, you can finally get your content out of your brain and into the hands of your customers.


Let’s hop on the phone and talk about your specific expertise. We’ll go through any content you already have (unorganized Google docs are perfect!) and discuss your options for turning it into a digital product. 

Analyze Your Audience

You need to make sure your knowledge is being presented to the people who need it most. Through extensive market research, we’ll position your offer to entice the right people to purchase.

Plan the Launch

It’s all in the strategy! We’ll lay out your launch so you always feel in the loop. This is the step that’s going to make your online business feel really real.

Set Up the Tech

Scared of tech? No worries, it’s our forte. We’ll outline the platforms you’ll be using and implement all the techie stuff for you. By using multiple platforms, your digital product will be driving results with cutting-edge technological solutions.

Create a Killer Lead Magnet

How will you draw your ideal client into your world? With a…freebie! This smaller digital product will lead people into your funnel and make selling to them much easier. It’s a critical step when it comes to driving organic traffic online. And we’ll help you plan, develop and deliver it.

Develop Your Course

Even if you’re feeling unorganized right now, we’ll help you develop your course so it’s visually appealing, accessible and engaging. By breaking up your knowledge into short modules, designing professional slides and employing the use of quizzes and workbooks – your students will love learning from you.

Even better, we can add a certificate at the end to reward the students who complete your course!

Potential Add-Ons

Nurture with Emails

Now that your audience is in your online funnel, you need to consistently nurture them so you stay top of mind. You do this by sending emails that are jam-packed with value. Then when it comes time to sell, they’re already crazy about your content.

Unleash Your Landing Page

You have the audience, they’re thoroughly nurtured and your product is ready. Now it’s time to give you a sales page that’ll sell your digital product while you sleep. This is not your standard web page. Landing pages are created with one thing in mind...conversions. That’s why we’ll be partnering up with professional designers and copywriters to create it and insert coding for results tracking.

Make Payment Easy

Now that your product is out there, you have to get paid. We’ll set up all the payment systems so you can easily track sales seamlessly and withdraw your profits.

Track Your User Base

You now have a community that loves your content. With a customer database, you can track the lifecycle of each customer and continue to provide them with relevant value.

Perfect Your Sequence

Communication doesn’t stop when your customer purchases your digital product. Every email is a chance for you to continue building the relationship with them. We’ll set up automated emails for every step of your user’s journey. And they’ll sound like you! Plus, we’ll add a testimonial request to your sequence. This way, you can capture kind words from your best students and use them in your marketing efforts.

Plan Your Ongoing Marketing

Now that everything is up and running, it’s time to maximize your return. By outlining the marketing activities that will lead to your success, you can continue to grow your audience with organic and paid traffic. These activities will help you scale your new infopreneurship venture.

Who This Is For

If your knowledge is sitting in your head, waiting to be shared with the world…turn it into an online education business. With a custom launch package, we’ll get it off the ground so you can help thousands of students, establish yourself as a thought leader and build a booming business.

If your knowledge is sitting in your head, waiting to be shared with the world…turn it into an online education business. With our custom launch package, we’ll get it off the ground so you can help thousands of students, establish yourself as a thought leader and build a booming business.

The Investment

By partnering with ClickStartBiz, you will receive:

Investment: Starting at $15,000
Payment plans are available

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